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tag_z's Journal

Ordinary with a Twist
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Anything in the world that's been tagged
Picture community for whatever in the world has been tagged. Whether it be graffiti, tattoos, stickers, flyers, anything that took the ordinary and added its own little twist to it to let you know someone else has been there.

The minor rules:
1. The pictures you post need to either be taken by you or have you in the pic. No googling, no linking to pics that aren't yours, none of that lazy shit ^.^

2. If your pictures are too big or too numerous, place them under a livejournal cut. If someone respectfully asks you to put something under a cut for legitimate reasons, do so. Anything depicting nudity, extreme violence, or sexuality should also be lj-cut with a brief NSFW label for whichever reason.

3. It's a picture community, post pictures. There are plenty of other communities to ask questions, promote your site or community, or discuss minutia. Comments can go off on tangents but they should at least start off about the post.

4. Would be helpful to mention where the picture was taken, or some additional information about it. This one is not a rule, just a suggestion for the curious.

5. If you're not sure whether something fits with this community, post it and just be fine with taking it down later if asked.